I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with my husband, two Border Collies and a 20 year old cat, Boots.   While I’m relatively new to the area, it seems the mountains have long called to me and that I belong here.  Georges and I love being in the “Land of Enchantment” – the skies are the most amazing blue, the mountains are spectacular, and the history is rich and colorful.  We truly feel blessed to be living in Santa Fe, and to be pursuing our dreams.

My intention in starting this blog is multi-dimensional.  At a simple level, I want to write and to, hopefully, inspire others.  At a deeper level, I’m working through my personal demons – being a perfectionist, fearing the unknown, lacking the confidence to take a new path.  My goal, if I can succinctly express it, is to live an authentic life, follow my dreams (and intuition) and not ever regret what I have or have not done.  Live in the present moment – there’s not much I can do about yesterday, and it’s senseless to worry about a tomorrow that may not come.


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